How to Play

each card has 3 different questions

Option #1: pick your favorite question

This is great for breaking the ice when not everyone knows each other!

Simply draw a card and choose your favorite of the 3 questions to answer.

If you’re feeling fun and only want to share something lighthearted, try the 1st question.

If you’re feeling risky or want to share a funny story, go for the 2nd or 3rd questions that are a little spicier!

Perfect for meeting at bachelorette parties, introducing a new friend or two into the girls’ night group and during social events like sorority rush week.

Option #2: Set a Level (extra spicy 😈)

This is great for when everyone feels comfortable with sharing anything with the group!

Everyone take turns picking a card off the top of the deck.

At the start of each round, agree on a question level for everyone to answer (1 – Fun, 2 – Juicy, 3 – NSFW).

For example, the 1st round everyone has to answer the level 1 (Fun) question on their card.

The 2nd round, everyone draws a new card and answers the level 2 (Juicy) question on their card.

And the 3rd round, everyone draws a new card and answers the level 3 (NSFW) question.

Perfect for the most scandalous of girls’ nights, bachelorette parties after everyone has loosened up and for getting fun conversations going at pregames and parties.

Have fun and stay classy!

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